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sisFitLife Club
Jennifer Pilchak

Welcome to sisFitLife Club

Where healthy habits are celebrated!

Who we are:

A wellness community that aims to motivate, support and celebrate the healthy habits in our life. With monthly themes, recipes, live zoom studio room, and fun we bring the fitness club community virtually becoming the missing piece to at home fitness. 

A look inside this month:

Join us for Don't Sweat the Small Stuff this June!

We’re going to let go of things that aren’t worth stressing about, take care of what’s been bugging us, have fun with our fitness, eat some yummy summer food, create a don’t sweat mindset, and so much more! This month is a perfect blend of mindset, nutrition, fitness, and taking care of you as a whole person so if you’re ready to stop sweating the small stuff, this is the month for you!

Get inspired in the kitchen this month with new recipes every Tuesday, our Meal Prep Guide and two meal guides with recipes- one is completely plant based!

We're winding down each evening and letting go of stress with a short sunset stretch 30 day challenge!

Get your membership FREE! 

Want to expand your home workout accessibility, dig deeper into nutrition or try the clean supplements I use? I can help with all of that! Get your yearly club membership waved when you invest in a Beachbody programs or products through me. Already have BOD or interested? MESSAGE ME

With gratitude, 

Thank you to our club members. Without your support and participation there would be no community. You truly are the heartbeat of network and we are so glad you're here! I am so honored to walk along your wellness journey as your coach and hype girl. Let's continue to celebrate our healthy habits together!
  - Coach Jennifer