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sisFitLife Club

Who we are:

A wellness community that aims to motivate, support and celebrate the healthy habits in our life. With monthly themes, recipes, live zoom studio room, and fun we bring the fitness club community virtually becoming the missing piece to at home fitness. 

A look inside this month:

Time to evaluate and celebrate.  Time to have willpower but also find balance.  Time to find momentum and keep it alive.  Time to shift our perspectives, kick the can'ts and conquer things one day at a time! Time to be TOO LEGIT TO QUIT!

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With an active Beachbody On Demand subscription through me, you'll receive access from this community completely free! Already have BOD or interested? MESSAGE ME

With gratitude, 

Thank you to our community members. Without your support and participation there would be no club. You truly are the heartbeat of this community and we are so glad you're here!

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